Create a Multi-Checkbox List in WPF

Hi, In this tutorial, I will show how to implement a multi-checkbox WPF list that allows the selection of multiple items of any type. For this, will use the power of templates in WPF and generics of C#. We will also exploit the very useful “INotifyPropertyChanged” interface. First, let’s create a ... [More]

ASP.NET GridView Multi Select Using CheckBoxes and JQuery

Hi, In this tutorial, I will show you how to implement a multiselect grid view using checkboxes and JQuery. The GridView is a fantastic component but lacks a very useful feature that allows the multiple row selection. Using JQuery, we’ll put a workaround to extend the grid. First, let’s create an em... [More]

Algerian web tops and flop : May2013

Starting from this month, I will publish a monthly blog post about the Algerian web, the best experience of the month… and the worst ! This month, the top is the Algeria web awards website. In addition to the very interesting initiative of the team, the web design is clean, elastic and very attract... [More]